Patrick, Patricia, Guinness World Record Break Attempt


‘We’re Counting on You Paddy’.

On St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday 17th March, the Twin Towns Gathering Group plans to break a Guinness World Record for the most individuals at one Gathering event whose first name is Patrick, Patricia, or an approved variation of the name.

We invite you to come and join us in attempting to set this record, at the Finn Valley Centre, following our St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The target to beat is 1,096 and with your help we can do it.
We are required to abide by the following specific guidelines:


Largest Same Name Gathering – First Name

This record is for the greatest number of people with the same first name gathered at a single venue.

1. Each participant must show a copy of his or her birth certificate to two independent witnesses before entering the chosen venue. ID such as driver’s license or passport is not acceptable.
2. The chosen name must be first name only. Middle and last names cannot be used towards the record total.
3. Different spellings of the chosen name might be acceptable but must be preapproved by Guinness World Records .
4. All participants must be in the venue simultaneously to be counted; they cannot come and go throughout the day.
5. Photocopies of all birth certificates must be submitted to Guinness World Records along with a list of participants’ signatures.

Please contact Kathy Taaffe on 086 314 2886 if you require further information.